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La Fin Du Monde (VP001)
Instrumental / Progressive Rock from Chico, Ca. - for fans of Pelican / Russian Circles
Both the 2009 album "Monolith" and the 2007 album "Life As It Should Be" on one cassette 
(listen to the band here http://lafindumonde.bandcamp.com/)

Amarok (VP002)
Doom Metal from Chico, Ca.- for fans of Asunder / Grief / Noothgrush
(listen to the band or buy the vinyl here - http://orcawolfrecords.bandcamp.com/album/amarok)

Bell Witch - 2011 Demo (VP003)
Doom Metal from Seattle, Wa. - members of Samothrace / Lethe / Sodhauler
(listen to the band here  - http://bellwitch.bandcamp.com/)

Enth / Amarok split (VP004)
Enth - Doom Metal from Poland with Amarok - Doom Metal from Chico, Ca.
(listen to the split or buy the vinyl here - http://orcawolfrecords.bandcamp.com/album/enth-amarok-split-lp)

Cold Blue Mountain -Self Titled (VP005)
Heavyness from Chico, California feat members of The Makai, Amarok, Teeph, and Surrogate
All copies will come with a free download card. Listen to the full album streaming here - www.coldbluemountain.bandcamp.com

Amarok / Hell Split (VP006)
Doom Metal from Northern California and Central Oregon. Pure Tortured Evil! Both bands feature guest violin on their respected sides. Vinyl to be arriving soon from Peasanta Urfolk